Kwang Joo (Director)
Hee Yuan (Deputy for Photogaphy & Videography)
Hui Qing (Deputy for Graphic & Content)


There will be three subcommittees, each being in charge of photography, videography and video design. In our cell, you will be helping to cover events organized by Computing Club such as Freshmen orientation projects, movie nights, CIP events and many more! You will also get to design posters to make our events known to the student body and to persuade them to take part in many exciting events to make their lives in NUS computing school more vibrant and lively. Taking on this exciting role will not only expose you to videography and photography skills, but you will also be able to exercise your creativity in content creation to connect interested parties to various events suited to their interests.

Vision, Goals and Responsibilities

Interested in Photography, Videography or Design? No experience is needed! If you are interested to contribute to event coverage, poster/t-shirt design and the promotion of Computing Club activities, do join us in our Publicity family! You may choose more than 1 of the following roles:

Subcommittees available


Taking photographs to cover events throughout the semester as well as post processing the photos. You will also get to help out at photo booths to capture all the highlights of our Computing events! If you have no experience, a photography workshop will be conducted by professionals to help you learn!


Taking videos to cover events and editing video to make montages which will be uploaded to our social media channels. If you have no prior experience, a videography workshop will be conducted by professionals to help you learn!

Graphic Design

Design graphic works such as posters, logos, shirts, merchandise etc. Events include posters for all Computing related events, such as Valentine, Halloween and Christmas! If you have no prior Photoshop experience, a workshop will be conducted to help you learn!