Rachel (Director)
Chinn Fang (Deputy for Merchandise)
Joanna (Deputy for Sponsorship)



Interested in designing and deciding on new merchandise for SoC? Look no further! Join us as we rebrand ourselves. Let’s bring SoC merch to greater heights and let everyone know of our SoC pride!


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  • Extensive & Established Merchandising
    • Merchandising platforms, student awareness
  • Nice Merchandise
    • Design, practically
  • Marketing
    • Better branding of products


  • To be the leading computing school in Asia, globally recognised for excellence in education and research by various industries’ sponsors.


  • Provide SoC branding merchandise at affordable prices to our SoC students to foster a better identity and belonging for them with their home faculty.
  • Additionally, a source of income for upcoming Computing Club activities that are meant for the SoC students.


Merchandise Team

  • Help to market NUS Computing Club’s products
  • Gather data on students’ preference & buying habits
  • Maintain our integrity across all marketing initiatives
  • Produce successful campaigns for our students
  • Produce action plans for marketing campaigns
  • Select media platforms that best suit our products
  • Liaise with suppliers, students and publicity members
  • Create & maintain a favorable public image for NUS Computing
  • Manage our marketing department budget

Sponsorship Team

  • Manage the sponsorships for Computing Club’s events
  • Outreach to sponsors (Will not need to cold email)
  • Build rapport with sponsors
  • Identify potential sponsors
  • Works closely with all cells for events
  • Procurement of goods, sourcing for discounts for bulk purchase