Recruitment Drive

20th Management Committee

The 20th Management Committee is looking to recruit passionate and committed sub-committee members to serve the SoC community. There are a total of nine different cells from which you can join to contribute and spice up the life in SoC. Find out more about the nine cells below!

Sign-ups closes on 06 October 2017, 2359

Lee Yiyuan
Gabriel Tan

Academic Liaison

Lee Yiyuan Gabriel Tan

The Academic Liaison seeks to improve the academic aspects of students. We are looking for passionate and dedicated subcommittee members to plan, execute and help out in the various events that will be held all year round.They will be given opportunities to propose their own events and initiatives as well.


Mock Practical Exams

To familiarize freshmen with the practical examination environment for the various introductory programming modules.

Java Confidence Course

To introduce the Java language syntax and Object-Oriented Programming concepts to students in preparation for CS2030/CS2040 before the semester starts.

NUS Data Science Student Challenge

To expose students to Data Science and to develop the necessary skills to harness the power of analytics.

Academic Day

To expose incoming freshmen to academic essentials and to introduce to them the various interest groups in the School of Computing.

Tan Wei Li
Zhao Jun Ru

Community Service

Tan Wei Li Zhao Jun Ru

The Community Service cell’s vision is to forge closer bonds and improve the reputation of SoC through the creation of community service project that is enriching to computing students, enabling them to gain useful skills and build up their portfolio while giving back to the community through meaningful initiatives.

Roles Available

Project Director / Committee (Other Community Service Projects)

  • Explore new beneficiaries / new community projects
  • Source for companies that require services relevant to IT (e.g Website making)
  • Recruit Student Volunteers with the relevant expertise

Flag Project Director / Committee

  • Plan fundraisers for beneficiary
  • Arrange flag booth on RAG day
  • Arrange annual flag day
  • Plan programs for SoC beneficiary interaction
Lim Sing Jie

Student Relations

Lim Sing Jie Jeremy Lim

Hey! You! Yes, you! The one coding on the computer. Bored from doing all these school work and fancy doing something interesting and meaningful? Join the Student Relations Cell! The voices of the student population! We roll out new initiatives and events to brighten up the lives of our computing friends! Absolutely zero experience needed! Just be passionate, energetic, and open-minded! Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot but make it hot by striking. Hop on board and join us now!

Gervaise Ang
Clarisse Lim
Kevin Alvarez


Gervaise Ang Clarisse Lim Kevin Alvarez

Want to make a difference? Wish to contribute to the design and production of Computing merchandises?

Join Marketing in Computing Club and get to meet like-minded people here! Do YOUR part in making SoC the coolest faculty in NUS and join us NOW!

The Marketing Cell supports the various NUS Students’ Computing Club events by running activities to fund the Club. These activities include working together with sponsors, planning, and executing various fund-raising events such as our annual Bazaar and Valentine’s Day where we also aim to establish a 'SoC Identity' through the design and handling of SoC merchandise sales.

Members of Marketing Cell will have opportunities to:

  • Increase and build on networking when dealing with clients
  • Improve their communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Work closely with the other Cells/Faculties to implement up-and-coming projects

Roles Available

Merchandise Team

  • Oversee merchandise sales during events / camps
  • Work closely with Publicity to generate new ideas for merchandise such as the design of t-shirts etc.
  • Work closely with IT to oversee implementation and execute web-store to sell merchandise
  • Support project directors / in-charges / fellow subcommittee members when necessary

Sponsorship Team

  • Oversees and manages all the sponsorship overall computing events
  • Outreach to sponsors (email, follow-up)
  • Update database of potential sponsors
  • Maintain good relationships with our current sponsors
  • Acquire more sponsors to generate funds for our current and future events
  • Will be working in collaboration with the Publicity team to promote awareness of the School of Computing

FOP Marketing Team

  • Work closely with FOP committees regarding sponsors for Freshmen Orientation Projects
  • Oversee merchandise design and sales for the FOP projects
  • Source for vendors for the FOP projects
  • Main contact point of sponsors for the FOP projects
Lawrence Lim
Rebecca Tan


Lawrence Lim Rebecca Tan


Interested in Photography, Videography or Design? No experience is needed! If you are interested to contribute to event coverage, poster/t-shirt design and the promotion of Computing Club activities, do join us in our Publicity family!

Some contributions made by Publicity include but are not limited to content curation for our social media platforms, photography coverage for Exam Welfare Pack (EWP) giveaway, Halloween and Sports Camp!

Freshmen Orientation Projects (FOP)

This position is available to those who are interested to join a dedicated team who will be supporting the activities of the Freshmen Orientation Projects (FOP) the next summer. You will be part of the FOP team through the meaningful process of planning for 2017/2018 publicity activities, including but not limited to: poster/t-shirt design, storyboarding, filming, editing, photography & videography!

Roles Available

  • Photography / Videography
  • Design
  • Content Writing

For those interested in covering any event under the Freshmen Orientation Projects, please select the Publicity (FOP) option.

If you are also interested to help out in publicity for other school events, you may select both Publicity (FOP) and Publicity (Sub-Committee) options.

Ian Tan
Low Rui Jia


Ian Tan Low Rui Jia

The Welfare subcommittee is a group of friends who come together to bring others together. We aim for SoC students to feel like they are part of a community here, and we want to enrich the lives of students. We are responsible for giving them more opportunities to enjoy student life through various events that we organise. The Welfare subcommittee members will have the opportunity to propose ideas to better the lives of fellow students, as well as take part in the execution of those ideas.

Roles Available

Core Team Member

  • Involved in the planning of events like Welfare Night and running it
  • Plan new initiatives to enhance the lives of students in SoC
  • Recruit Student Volunteers with the relevant expertise

Cell Member

  • Station masters for events
  • Assist the Directors by ensuring that each event runs seamlessly
Shannon Kok
Kerwin Kow


Shannon Kok Kerwin Kow

Are you passionate about sports or simply interested in making the sports scene in SoC more vibrant? The Sports Cell is the right place for you! We plan a wide range of activities, which includes SoC’s very own Sports Camp, Mass Work-out Sessions, IFG and much more!! Join us on this exciting and fulfilling journey where you will get to pick up a myriad of skills and gain valuable experience. Delay no more and join our team! Do contact us to find out more!


  • Shannon Kok 9656 6994
  • Kerwin Kow 8382 3566
Eugene Lim
Chng Zhi Xuan

Information Technology

Eugene Lim Chng Zhi Xuan

We are looking for budding web and app developers or coding amateurs who are passionate in creating stuff that benefits the student body.

We shall compile together, git gud together, and throw errors together! Come join IT cell!

Roles Available

Development Team

  • Create websites for SoC specific events
  • Develop apps to solve problems that the student body faces
  • Expand the capabilities of Computer Club through automation

Operation Team

  • Ensure the continuity and operability of and its subdomains
  • Provide technical support for any of our email and web servers.
Vanessa Loh
Francis Lee

Freshmen Orientation Projects (FOP)

Vanessa Loh Francis Lee

Freshmen Orientation Projects (FOP) cell’s main responsibility is in planning orientation events for freshmen who will be joining the School of Computing family. Our projects are the first opportunity for freshmen to experience university life and integrate themselves with the rest of the faculty. Our vision of ONE FOP hopes to provide freshmen with a smooth and harmonised orientation experience throughout the entire summer.

As a FOP sub-committee member, you will have the opportunity to express your creativity and resourcefulness in planning for the various orientation camps and activities. Not only that, you will be a senior and a friend that the incoming freshmen will look upon to whenever they are in need. Besides, being part of FOP also means you will have the chance to meet your fellow batchmates and forge new friendships with one another, which may last beyond your life in NUS.

Roles Available

Freshmen Social Camp Project Director / Committee

  • Plan programs and games for incoming freshmen
  • Encourage interaction between freshmen and seniors
  • Promote other upcoming FOP/school’s events

Freshmen Orientation Week Project Director / Committee

  • Plan programs and games for incoming freshmen
  • Help freshmen familiarise with campus facilities and vicinity
  • Help freshmen integrate into school life

RAG Project Director / Committee

  • Coordinate RAG performance
  • Source for costume/float materials
  • Creative Department: Be as creative as you can!
  • Float Department: Design and create floats
  • Dance Department: Choreograph RAG dance and integrate with floats
  • Make-up artists: Design RAG hair and make-up
  • Costumes Designer: Design and create RAG performance costumes

Bash Project Director / Committee

  • Plan Bash night program
  • Acquire Venue
  • Hire necessary staff (DJ, make-up artist, photographer etc)
  • Arrange photo shoot for BASH Pageants
  • Work with FSC and/or FOW to plan finale night
  • Pageant Selection